Make it Child Safe

How to fit child safety devices

Click the links below to download our fitting and usage guides for each of our products:

How to fit a safety cleat:


How to fit a safety hook:


How to use a tension spring:


Breakaway Devices

Some blinds with looped chains and cords must also be manufactured with breakaway components. These sense when a certain amount of force, equivalent to 6kg, is being placed upon the cord and will breakaway safely. And if these devices do end up breaking away accidently, for example if you pull a chain too hard, they have been cleverly designed to reassemble very simply.

Watch these videos to find out how to reassemble the breakaway devices.

How to reconnect an inner cord breakaway clip:


How to reconnect a breakaway consolidator:


How to reconnect a breakaway safety tassel:


Inner cord stops explained video:


How to re-cord and add child safety clips to a roman blind: